J.K. Enterprises


Terms And Conditions

1. We trade only with the goods which are manufactured Perfectly and Safely.

2. Normally we despatch the goods after 30 days from when we get your Order and Demand Draft in our Hands.

3. If You have space to keep your ordered goods then please buy it from us and stock it before Deepavali.
Otherwise if you not have enough space then please mention " Send in SEPTEMBER " in your Order. Then we will send your Ordered Goods in October.

4. Order Cancellations
( a ) If you cancel the Order, Then we decrement the Crackers production cost from your Demand Draft and Return the Balance Amount to you.
( b ) There is no Discount for the Orders which has been Cancelled.
( c ) There is no Guarantee for the Fire Crackers.

5. There is no Tax for the Orders which are despatched in Tamil Nadu, India. Lorry Fare Extra.

6. 14.5% Tax for the Orders which are despatched in other states outside Tamil Nadu in India. If you Provide " C Form " then the Tax will be available at 2%.

7. There is no Dealers, Distributors, Agents, Agency for our Company. So Please dont provide amount to anyone. In that Case, Our Concern is not responsible for that.

8. In case of any Natural Disasters, If we cant able to despatch your goods. Then the final decision of the Refund Amount is taken by our company only

9. For Your Orders Please send Full AmountSend Demand Draft in the Name of D.Baskaran (Please Mention Account Payee in DD).

10. The above wholesale rate valid only for payments made before septembar last week 2014.

11. All the above requires a License/Permit under Explosives rules 2008 for possession & sales. Applicable Excise Duty.